Class FixedPriceMethodImpl

  extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractEpDomainImpl
      extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractPersistenceImpl
          extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractEntityImpl
              extended by com.elasticpath.domain.shipping.impl.AbstractShippingCostCalculationMethodImpl
                  extended by com.elasticpath.domain.shipping.impl.FixedPriceMethodImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:
Entity, EpDomain, Persistence, ShippingCostCalculationMethod,

public class FixedPriceMethodImpl
extends AbstractShippingCostCalculationMethodImpl

Shipping cost calculation method that calculates the shipping cost as fixBase + % of order total. It needs two parameters: the value of fixBase and the value of percentage of the order total.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static long serialVersionUID
          Serial version id.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Money calculateShippingCost(ShoppingCart shoppingCart)
          Calculation the shipping cost for the given shoppingCart.
 java.lang.String getDisplayText()
          Return the text representation of this method for display to the user.
 java.lang.String[] getParameterKeys()
          Return an array of parameter keys required by this rule action.
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Field Detail


public static final long serialVersionUID
Serial version id.

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Constructor Detail


public FixedPriceMethodImpl()
Method Detail


public Money calculateShippingCost(ShoppingCart shoppingCart)
Calculation the shipping cost for the given shoppingCart.

shoppingCart - - the shoppingCart.
the shippingCost for the given shoppingCart.


public java.lang.String getDisplayText()
Return the text representation of this method for display to the user.

the text representation


public java.lang.String[] getParameterKeys()
Return an array of parameter keys required by this rule action.

the parameter key array