Class TaxCodeImpl

  extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractEpDomainImpl
      extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractPersistenceImpl
          extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractEntityImpl
              extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Entity, EpDomain, Persistence, TaxCode,

public class TaxCodeImpl
extends AbstractEntityImpl
implements TaxCode

The default implementation of SalesTaxCode.

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Field Summary
static long serialVersionUID
          Serial version id.
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getCode()
          Return the sales tax code.
 void setCode(java.lang.String code)
          Set the sales tax code.
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Field Detail


public static final long serialVersionUID
Serial version id.

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Constructor Detail


public TaxCodeImpl()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getCode()
Return the sales tax code.

Specified by:
getCode in interface TaxCode
the sales tax code.


public void setCode(java.lang.String code)
Set the sales tax code.

Specified by:
setCode in interface TaxCode
code - - the sales tax code.