Package com.elasticpath.persistence

Interface Summary
CsvFileReader Represent a csv file reader and writer.
ElasticPathDao Loader of elastic path configuration.
IndexSearcher Represents an index writer.
IndexWriter Represents an index writer.
PersistenceEngine The perisistence engine interface.
PersistenceSession The perisistence session interface.
PrintWriter Represents a print writer.
PropertiesDao Reads data from properties files.
Query Represents a query in ElasticPath.
SkuConfigurationDao This DAO encapsulates dynamically generated HQL queries used by the SkuConfigurationService.
SpellIndexSearcher An interface that describes a way to access a spelling index to determine if a word exists, or suggest words similar to a provided word.
SpellIndexWriter Represents an index writer that will generate a spelling index based on the contents of the field in another index.
Transaction Represents a transaction in ElasticPath.

Exception Summary
EpPersistenceException A general exception to wrap errors happen at persistence layer.