Package com.elasticpath.service.catalog

Interface Summary
BrandService Provides brand-related business services.
CategoryService Provide category-related business service.
CategoryTypeService Provide attribute related business service.
InventoryAuditService Provides inventory auditing services.
InventoryService Provides inventory-related services.
ProductAssociationService Provides services for storing and retrieving ProductAssociations.
ProductCacheUpdateService This service updates the product cache implemented by the SingleCachingProductRetrievalStrategy when changes to the products are made through the Commerce Manager.
ProductRecommendationService Provides services for computing product recommendations.
ProductService Provides product-related business services.
ProductSkuService Provides productSku-related business services.
ProductTypeService Provide attribute related business service.
ProductXmlService Provides a service for generating product data in xml format.
SkuOptionService Provide sku option related business service.
TopSellerService Provides services to process top seller related information.

Exception Summary
SkuOptionKeyExistException The exception for a sku option key that already exists.