Interface ProductViewService

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public interface ProductViewService

Provide catalog product view service.

Method Summary
 Product getProduct(java.lang.String productCode, ProductLoadTuner loadTuner, ShoppingCart shoppingCart)
          Returns the product with the given product code.

Method Detail


Product getProduct(java.lang.String productCode,
                   ProductLoadTuner loadTuner,
                   ShoppingCart shoppingCart)
                   throws EpServiceException
Returns the product with the given product code. Return null if no matching product exists. You can give a product load tuner to fine control what data get populated of the returned product.

By giving a shopping cart, promotion rules will be applied to the returned product.

productCode - the product code.
loadTuner - the product load tuner
shoppingCart - the shopping cart, give null if you don't have it.
the product if a product with the given code exists, otherwise null
EpServiceException - - in case of any errors