Class SingleCachingProductRetrieveStrategyImpl

  extended by com.elasticpath.service.impl.AbstractEpServiceImpl
      extended by com.elasticpath.service.catalogview.impl.AbstractProductRetrieveStrategyImpl
          extended by com.elasticpath.service.catalogview.impl.SingleCachingProductRetrieveStrategyImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:
ProductRetrieveStrategy, EpService
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class SingleCachingProductRetrieveStrategyImpl
extends AbstractProductRetrieveStrategyImpl
implements ProductRetrieveStrategy

Provides an implementation of ProductRetrieveStrategy with JBoss tree caching ability. This service will return the same instance of a product for all customers. Catalog promotion rules have already been applied on the returned products.

Notice: since the Product is not thread-safe, you must not make any changes on the return product in your code. Otherwise, the application may have some unexpected problem.

Nested Class Summary
 class SingleCachingProductRetrieveStrategyImpl.CacheKey
          Represents a key object used in the cache.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Product retrieveProduct(long productUid, ShoppingCart shoppingCart, ProductLoadTuner productLoadTuner)
          Retrieve a Product with the given product uid.
 java.util.List retrieveProducts(java.util.Collection productUids, ShoppingCart shoppingCart, ProductLoadTuner productLoadTuner)
          Retrieve a list of Product of the given product uids.
 void start()
          Prepare the underlying JBossCache TreeCache instance.
 void stop()
          Stop the jboss cache.
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Constructor Detail


public SingleCachingProductRetrieveStrategyImpl()
Method Detail


public Product retrieveProduct(long productUid,
                               ShoppingCart shoppingCart,
                               ProductLoadTuner productLoadTuner)
Retrieve a Product with the given product uid. Return null if a product with the given uid doesn't exist or the product is not displayable.

Specified by:
retrieveProduct in interface ProductRetrieveStrategy
productUid - a product uid
shoppingCart - the customer shopping cart
productLoadTuner - the product load tuner
a Product with the given product uid.


public java.util.List retrieveProducts(java.util.Collection productUids,
                                       ShoppingCart shoppingCart,
                                       ProductLoadTuner productLoadTuner)
Retrieve a list of Product of the given product uids. Only those products which are displayable are returned.

Specified by:
retrieveProducts in interface ProductRetrieveStrategy
productUids - a collection of product uids
shoppingCart - the customer shopping cart
productLoadTuner - the product load tuner
a list of Product.


public void start()
Prepare the underlying JBossCache TreeCache instance.

org.hibernate.cache.CacheException - Indicates a problem preparing cache for use.


public void stop()
Stop the jboss cache.