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Concepts Guide

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Introducing BEA AquaLogic Data Services Platform

The Extraordinary Cost of Information Fragmentation

What is Data Services Platform?

DSP and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Modeling the Enterprise

Implementing Data Services

Data Consumers

Life Cycle of a Data Services Platform Development Project

Data Service Development Roles


WebLogic Platform and Data Services Platform

Data Services Platform Architecture

Data Services Platform Components

Unifying Information with Data Services

What is a Data Service?

Understanding Data Service Functions

Data Service Transformations

Advertising and Maintaining Data Services with Metadata

Modeling and a Service-Oriented Architecture

Addressing Complexity with Modeling

Modeling Data With XML Schema

Modeling Data Services

Designing Data Services

Using a Layered Data Integration and Transformation Approach

Taking Advantage of Data Service Reusability

Modeling Relationships

Using Service Data Objects (SDO)

Introducing Service Data Objects

Getting Data Objects

An Initial Look at SDO Programming

Data Updates

Performance and Caching


Query Optimization


Securing Enterprise Data

Ensuring Data Security

Securing Data Services Platform Resources

Understanding Security Policies


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