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Installation Guide

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Preparing to Install BEA AquaLogic Data Services Platform

Installation Overview

Supported Platforms, Databases and JDBC Drivers

Supported Operating Systems and Hardware

Supported Databases

Supported Database-JDBC Driver Matrices

Configuring the DSP JDBC Driver for Reporting Applications

Installation Prerequisites

What Gets Installed

Preconfigured Samples Domain

Internationalization Support

Installing Data Services Platform Using GUI Mode

Before You Install

Installing Using GUI Mode

Installing Data Services Platform Using Console or Silent Mode

Before You Install

Using Console Mode to Install DSP

Using Silent Console Mode to Install DSP

Using Silent Mode on Windows and UNIX Systems

Exploring the Silent Mode Installer Properties File

Post-Installation Tasks

Verifying the Installation

Exploring DSP Windows Shortcuts and UNIX Paths

Starting the Development of a Data Integration Solution

Uninstalling Data Services Platform

Sample Retail Application Overview

About Avitek Ltd.

General IT Goals

Specific Projects

Quick Start Instructions for the Avitek Sample Application (RTLApp)

Challenge of Disparate Data

Business Case for the Avitek Self-Service Web Site

Web Site Design Requirements

Maintenance Requirements

Design Requirements

Information Technology (IT) Weighs In: The Moment of Truth

Search for an Alternative

A Possible Solution

Purpose of the Avitek RTLApp

Finding the Components

Analyzing the RTLApp Architecture

Available Data Sources

Retail Sample Application Queries

Avitek Customer Self-Service Sample Application

Running Retail Sample Application in a Browser

My Profile Page in RTLApp

Open Order Page in RTLApp

Order History in RTLApp

Support Page in RTLApp

Search Page in RTLApp

Viewing RTLApp Source

WebLogic Workshop Components of the RTLApp

Data Services Folder

ElecWS Folder

RTLSelfService Folder



Application Pages

Application Logic: Page Flow


Where To Go From Here


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