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BEA AquaLogic® Data Services Platform

Data Services Developer's Guide

About this Guide

Table of contents page. Alphabetical listings of Concepts, Tasks, and Reference topics. Sections and their major topics are also displayed.

  Developing and Managing Dataspace Projects
Create, deploy, and remove dataspace projects from Studio and the command line.

  Designing Logical Data Services
XML Types, Returns types, and data service keys are among the topics; also, declaring a security resource.

  Building XQueries
Graphical and XQuery source editor, building up return types, and creating conditional elements.

  Understanding Query Plans
Query Plan view including components tracked and a summary of informational and warning messages.

  Preparing Services for Clients
Generation of mediator client JAR and web service maps for use by client applications.

  Introduction to Data Services
Concepts and the getting started tutorial:
Create Your First Data Services

  Creating and Updating Physical Data Services
Metadata import and update wizards for various data sources.

  Modeling Data Services Relationships
Data service relationships through models. Includes the tutorial: Create Your First Data Services Model.

  Testing Data Services
Test View to validate update procedures using SDO data graphs; test an update procedure.

  Managing Update Maps
Update maps, customization options, and error condition handling.

  Data Service Annotations
Data service annotation schema with data service, function, and library service syntax and semantics.
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