Retail Dataspace Sample Application Guide

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Retail Dataspace Sample Application

About Avitek Ltd.

General IT Goals

Specific Projects

Quick Start Instructions for the Retail Dataspace Sample Application

Building and Deploying the RTLApp Dataspace Projects

The Challenge of Disparate Data

Business Case for the Avitek Self-Service Web Site

Web Site Design Requirements

Maintenance Requirements

Design Requirements

Information Technology (IT) Weighs In: The Moment of Truth

Search for an Alternative

A Possible Solution

RTLApp Dataspace Projects

RTLApp Data Sources

RTLApp Data Services

Viewing the Data Services in Data Services Studio

Physical Data Services Folder

Normalized Data Services Folder

Logical Data Services Folder

RetailApplication Data Services Folder

Model Diagrams

Building Queries

Query Union

Use of XQuery Statement Extension (XQSE)

Example 1: Using a Java Function to Update an Element

Example 2: Implementing a Web Service Update

Example 3: Implementing the ELEC Order Updates

Updating Data Based on a Web Service

About Customer Orders for Electronic Products

XQSE Procedure Walkthrough

Viewing the updateELEC_ORDER XQSE Procedure in Data Services Studio

Description of XQSE Statements in updateELEC_ORDER

Quick Start Instructions for the RTLSelfService Application

Importing the RetailDataspace Resources

Building and Deploying the RTLSelfService Application in the Workshop IDE

Running the RTLSelfService Application in a Browser

My Profile Page

Page Design

Open Order Page

Data Sources

Update Mechanisms

Caching Options

Handling Unavailable Sources

Access LD via JDBC

Page Design

Order History Page


Page Design

Support Page

Search Page


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