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ALDSP 3.2 New Features Documentation 

Several new features introduced in ALDSP 3.2 are described in this Supplement:

This document provides a detailed description of each feature.

ALDSP 3.2 Documentation Notes:
  • In most cases users of ALDSP 3.2 should rely on the main ALDSP 3.0 documentation for general product information, and feature concepts, tasks, and reference material. In this regard, the ALDSP 3.2 e-docs home page documents and topics usually link to ALDSP 3.0 documents.
  • In some cases, the main ALDSP 3.0 documentation has been enhanced to identify 3.2-specific information or to provide references to this document.
  • ALDSP 3.2 runs under WebLogic 10. For this reason some behaviors described or depicted in the base documentation (3.0) may not be accurate.
  • In ALDSP 3.2 Data Services Studio has been renamed Workspace Studio. Some behaviors described or depicted in the main documentation (3.0) may not be accurate in this regard.
  • The following newly revised topics in the primary documentation applies to 3.0 and 3.2:


Encryption-based Data Redaction

   Encryption-based Data Redaction
   Specify Data Redaction Behavior for Data Elements
   Encryption-Based Data Redaction Examples
   Data Redaction Conditions

Dataspace Deployment Using Work Managers

   Using Work Managers with ALDSP

Runtime and WSDL Access Service Accounts

Projecting Runtime Security Policies

XQuery and XQSE: Mutator Functions for Updates 

   Introducing Mutators for Updates
   Modify Instances Using Mutator Functions
   Mutator Function Examples
    Mutator Functions

Client Application Development: Derived Simple Types

   Support for Derived Simple Types

Data Services Development: Enhanced Access to WSDL Files via AquaLogic Common Navigation Framework

   Create a Physical Data Service from a Web Service in ALDSP 3.2

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