Installing the Administration Server

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The following sections describe how to uninstall the Administration Server from both Windows and UNIX platforms:

Notes: If you have entered policy and security configuration information in the Administration Console and you want to save it, you must export it, uninstall the Administration Server, re-install the Administration Server, and import the policy and security configuration information. For instructions on exporting and importing policy and configuration information, see Importing and Exporting Policy in the Policy Managers Guide.


Uninstalling the Administration Server on Windows

This procedure removes the Administration Server, which includes the Administration Console and all scripts that relate to management tasks.

To uninstall the Administration Server, do the following:

  1. Shut down any servers and services that are running.
  2. In Windows, click Start and select Programs > BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security > Uninstall Administration Application.
  3. The Uninstall Welcome window appears.

  4. Click Next.
  5. The Choose Components window appears.

  6. Be sure the check boxes are checked, and click Next.
  7. The Uninstall Options window appears and presents the following options:

    • Uninstall the SCM instance
    • Uninstall the SCM instance and delete its directory
    • Delete the admin directory
  8. Select the desired options, and click Next.
  9. Note: If the directories contain user generated files that you want to save (for example, files in the /log or /ssl directories), do not delete the directories.

    The BEA Uninstaller - Administration Server window appears and the uninstall process begins.

    As the uninstall process runs, a checklist is displayed, listing the uninstallation tasks as they complete. After the Administration Server is removed, the "uninstall complete" message appears.

    Note: Make sure to check the Uninstall SCM box also. If you do not do this, you will have to delete these product files manually.
  10. Click Done.
  11. You have successfully removed Administration Server from your computer.

    This procedure does not remove the servlet container software. You must remove that software according to the servlet container product documentation. For additional instructions for completely removing the product, see Additional Steps.

Additional Steps

To remove the ActiveX controls, open the Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and uninstall the ActiveX control named "BEA ALES Administration Console". You need to do this on each Windows system previously used to connect to an Administration Server.


Uninstalling the Administration Server on Solaris or Linux

To run the graphical mode uninstallation program, your console must support a Java-based GUI. If the uninstallation program determines that your system cannot support a Java-based GUI, the uninstallation program automatically starts in console mode.

To uninstall the Administration Server software:

  1. Log in to the machine.
  2. Shut down any servers and services that are running.
  3. Open a command shell and go to the directory where you installed the product, for example:
  4. BEA_HOME/ales26-admin/uninstall

    where BEA_HOME represents the directory in which you installed product.

  5. At the command prompt, type
  6. The BEA Uninstaller - Administration Server window appears and the uninstall process begins.

    Note: If your system supports a graphical user interface, the uninstall program starts in graphical mode. If your system does not support a graphical user interface, the uninstall program starts in console mode.
  7. Respond to the prompts to uninstall the product.

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