Installing Security Service Modules

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Installation Overview

Preparing to Install

Installation and Distribution

Web Distribution

CD-ROM Distribution

Installation Prerequisites

System Requirements

ALES 2.6 Updates Installed JDK Version


Requirements for Reinstalling the SSM

Selecting Directories for the Installation

BEA Home Directory

Understanding the Functions of the BEA Home Directory

Product Installation Directory


Before you Begin

Generating a Verbose Installation Log

Starting the Installation Program

Starting the Installation Program on a Windows Platform

Starting the Installation Program on a Sun Solaris Platform

Starting the Installation Program on a Linux Platform

Starting the Installation Program on an IBM AIX Platform

Running the Installation Program

Upgrading from ALES 2.1, 2.2, and 2.5

Installing in Silent Mode

Installing an SSM Without an Associated SCM

Configuring an SSM From Exported Data

PolicyIX Tool Not Used in WLS 9.x SSM for SSM Configuration

XML Configuration Data File is Signed

Switching From Manual to Automatic Configuration

Silent Install is Updated

Installation Process

Post Installation Tasks

Export the Configuration Data

Additional Security.Properties Settings

Not Using the SCM When SSM is Installed on Administration Server

What's Next

Post Installation Tasks

Enrolling the Service Control Manager

Configuring a Service Control Manager

Configuring and Binding a Security Service Module

Security Providers for the WebLogic Server SSM

Console Extension for Security Providers in the WLS 9.x Console

Security Providers for the Web Services SSM

Security Providers for the Java SSM

Configuring and Binding Security Providers

Creating an Instance of a Security Service Module

Web Server SSM Instances

Enrolling the Instance of the Security Service Module

Starting and Stopping Processes

Adding JDBC Driver to CLASSPATH (MS SQL and PointBase Only)

Adding JDBC Driver to CLASSPATH for the Web Services SSM

Adding JDBC Driver to CLASSPATH for the Java SSM

Adding JDBC Driver to CLASSPATH for the WebLogic Server 8.1 and 9.x SSMs

Starting the Web Services SSM

What's Next?


Uninstalling an SSM on Windows

Uninstalling an SSM on UNIX

Uninstalling the SCM on Windows

Uninstalling the SCM on UNIX

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