Release Notes

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Release Notes

About ALSB

Downloading ALSB

What’s New in ALSB 3.0?

Eclipse-Based Design Tools for WorkSpace Studio

Integration with AquaLogic Registry Repository (ALRR) and AquaLogic SOA Management (ALSM)

Integration with AquaLogic Business Process Management (ALBPM)

Navigational and Metadata Sharing in WorkSpace Studio

Business Service Overload Protection (Throttling)

Performance Improvement Through Advanced Mediation

Advanced Service Pooling and Endpoint Failover

Support for Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM)

Expanded Connectivity

Supported Configurations and System Requirements

Required Patches

Upgrading Previous Versions to ALSB 3.0

Known and Resolved Issues

Runtime Environment



ALSB Console

BEA XQuery Mapper


Required Patches



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