Upgrading WebLogic Application Environments

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Upgrade Wizard Command-Line Reference

To invoke the WebLogic Upgrade Wizard, enter the following command:

java weblogic.Upgrade [-help | -h | -? | -usage] [-type type] [-mode mode] [-responses xmlfile] [-out file]

The following table describes each of the arguments included in this command line.

Table D-1 Command-Line Arguments for the WebLogic Upgrade Wizard 
-help | -h | -? | -usage
Displays help information.
-type type
Specifies one of the following types of upgrade: domain, nodemanager, or securityproviders. The default value is domain.

Note: The -type domain option can only be used to upgrade a WebLogic Server domain in silent mode. For more information, see Upgrading a Domain in Silent Mode.

-mode mode
Specifies one of the following modes of upgrade: gui or silent. The default value is gui.
-responses xmlfile
Specifies the location of the XML file that contains the upgrade requirements to be used during a silent upgrade. This argument is valid only when -mode is set to silent. For more information about the format of the responses file, see Silent Upgrade XML Script Reference.
-out file
Specifies the file in which standard output and errors are stored. By default, log output is sent to stdout.


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