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BEA WebLogic Platform Release Notes

WebLogic Platform 10.2 includes the following products:

This document provides the following information:

For information about limitations in WebLogic Platform 10.2, see Known Limitations in WebLogic Platform.


New and Changed Features

The following table provides links to information about new and changed features, as well as known limitations in the products that are part of WebLogic Platform 10.2.

For Information About
See ...
WebLogic Server 10.0
Workshop for WebLogic 10.2
WebLogic Portal 10.2
WebLogic Integration 10.2
BEA JRockit J2SE 5.0 JDK


Installing WebLogic Platform

You can install the software by using graphical mode, console mode, or silent mode. For more information, see the BEA Products Installation Guide.

You can install WebLogic Platform in the following ways:


Upgrading Domains and Applications

For information about upgrading WebLogic Platform domains, see the Domain Upgrade Guide.

For information about upgrading applications created in WebLogic Integration (WLI), WebLogic Portal (WLP), and Workshop, see the WLI Upgrade Guide, WLP Upgrade Guide, and Workshop Upgrade Guide, respectively.


Supported Configurations


Switching JDKs

The following instructions are provided for users who have already installed either WebLogic Portal 10.2, Workshop for WebLogic 10.2, or WebLogic Server 10.0 and want to switch from Sun Java 2 to BEA JRockit, or vice-versa:

  1. Examine the WebLogic Server start script. This script is located in the bin subdirectory of your domain’s root directory and, by default, is named startWebLogic.cmd (Windows) or (UNIX).
  2. Locate the settings for the following two variables:
  3. If these variables are set within the script, change them as appropriate.
  4. The following set JAVA_VENDOR and set JAVA_HOME commands specify the BEA JRockit J2SE 5.0 JDK, where c:\bea is the BEA home directory:

    set JAVA_HOME=c:\bea\jrockit_150_11

    For Sun, the equivalent commands are as follows:

    set JAVA_VENDOR=Sun
    set JAVA_HOME=c:\bea\jdk150_11

  5. If the JAVA_VENDOR variable is not set in the WebLogic Server start script, then you need to set the default JDK in the setDomainEnv.cmd (Windows) or (UNIX) script as described in this step. The setDomainEnv script is also located in the bin subdirectory of the domain’s root directory.
  6. The following two code snippets show the switching of the default JDK from Sun Java 2 JDK 5.0 to BEA JRockit J2SE 5.0 (R27.0) JDK in commEnv.cmd on Windows. In these snippets, the BEA home directory is c:\bea.

    The first code snippet shows the initial settings that establish Sun Java 2 JDK 5.0 as the default:

    if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="BEA" (
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jrockit_150_11
    ) else (
    if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Sun" (
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jdk150_11
    ) else (
    set JAVA_VENDOR=Sun
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jdk150_11 )

    The second code snippet shows the changes, in bold, made to switch to JRockit as the default:

    if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="BEA" (
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jrockit_150_11
    ) else (
    if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Sun" (
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jdk150_11
    ) else (
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jrockit_150_11

For more information about BEA support for BEA JRockit and the Sun Java 2 JDK, see Supported Configurations for WebLogic Server, WebLogic Portal, and Workshop for WebLogic Platform - Version 10.2.


Customer Support

If you have any questions about this version of WebLogic Platform 10.2, or if you have problems installing and running the product, contact BEA Customer Support through BEA eSupport at:

You can also contact Customer Support by using the contact information provided on the BEA Customer Support card, which is included in the product package.

When contacting Customer Support, be prepared to provide the following information:

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