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Creating WebLogic Domains Using the Configuration Wizard

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Extending Domains

You can add product component functionality, or additional applications and services to an existing domain by extending it using the Configuration Wizard. For example, if you created a base WebLogic Server domain and you want to add the Avitek Medical Records Examples functionality, you must extend the domain by adding the medrec.jar template to it.

The Configuration Wizard simplifies the task of extending an existing domain by using extension templates. BEA delivers a set of predefined extension templates, which are described in Domain Template Reference at the following URL:

The following topics describe the steps required to extend an existing domain using the Configuration Wizard:

Note: Make sure that the servers in the domain are not running; you cannot extend an active domain using the Configuration Wizard.

Related Topics

Extending an Existing Domain


Choose to Extend a Domain

The Welcome window prompts you to choose whether you want to create a new domain or extend an existing domain by adding product component functionality, applications and services.

Choose Extend an existing WebLogic domain and click Next.


Select a WebLogic Domain Directory

The Select a WebLogic Domain Directory window prompts you to select an existing domain that you want to update with additional applications or services.

To select a WebLogic domain directory:

  1. Use the navigation tree to select a valid domain directory: a directory that contains a config.xml file in the config directory of the domain. A valid domain directory is indicated by the domain directory folder icon icon.
  2. Click Next to proceed to the next configuration window.


Select the Extension Source

The Select Extension Source window prompts you to select the source from which to extend your domain. You can select product components to add to your domain, or extend your domain using an existing extension template.

To select the source from which to extend your domain:

  1. Choose one of the following options:
  2. Click Next to proceed to the next configuration window.


Customize JDBC and JMS Settings

The Customize JDBC and JMS Settings window gives you the option to modify existing JDBC and JMS file store settings. If you choose not to customize any JDBC or JMS settings by accepting the default (No), you proceed directly to extending the domain.

The following topics summarize the settings you can change:


Extend Your WebLogic Domain

The Extend WebLogic Domain window displays the read-only name and location for your domain. If your domain contains an applications directory and the domain extension does not contain application files, the location for that directory is also displayed. However, if your domain extension contains application files, you are prompted to provide the pathname to the applications directory in the Applications Location field.

  1. Once you have defined the applications directory, if required, click Extend to extend the domain with the applications, services, and settings provided from the specified extension template.
  2. The Creating Domain window is opened to display status messages during the update process. The Configuration Wizard updates the config.xml file and other application-specific components in the domain directory, as defined by the domain template.

    When the process is complete, the updated domain is ready.

  3. Click Done in the Creating Domain window.


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