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ISV Partners' Guide

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Types of ISVs

ISV Resources, Services, and Tools

BEA Partner Program

Software Bundle

ISV Redistribution License

WebLogic Server Installation and Configuration Tools

Installation Program

Configuration Wizard

Domain Template Builder

pack and unpack Commands

WebLogic Scripting Tool

Silent Installation and Configuration

Registry API

Administration Console Extensions

Partner Support

ISV Tasks and Documentation Links

Developing Applications

Building WebLogic Server Applications

Creating Custom Diagnostic Tools

Creating Custom Security Providers

Creating JMX-Compatible Management Systems

Using the Partner Software Bundle

Software Bundle Contents

Installing the Software Bundle

Downloading BEA Software

Software Products Not Included in the Software Bundle

Next Steps

Configuring and Installing WebLogic Applications

Configuring WebLogic Server for Your Application

Configuration Wizard

Domain Template Builder

unpack Command

WebLogic Scripting Tool

WebLogic Server Administration Tools

WebLogic Server Administration Console

Startup Scripts

Silent-Mode Installation and Configuration

Silent-Mode Installation

Configuring a Domain from a Script

Running Silent-Mode Installation and Configuration from Scripts

Distributing WebLogic Server

Using an ISV Redistribution License

About the ISV Redistribution License

ISV Redistribution License Technical Enforcement

Creating an ISV Redistribution License and Linking It to the WebLogic Server Files

Step 1: Prepare to Create an ISV Redistribution License

Step 2: Extract the License Data and Link the WebLogic Server Files

Validating the ISV Redistribution License File

Distributing Files

Service Packs and License Files

Using the BEA Registry API

About the BEA Registry

Using the Registry API

Supporting and Distributing BEA JRockit

About BEA JRockit

Obtaining BEA JRockit

Support for BEA JRockit in WebLogic Applications

Distributing the JRockit JDK as a Stand-alone Product

Preparing Customer Documentation

General Advice on Preparing Customer Documentation

Documentation for Silent-Mode Installation and Configuration

Documentation for Interactive Installation and Configuration

About BEA Partner Support

Partner Support Resources

Partner Enablement Resources

Software Development Resources

Sales and Marketing Resources

Support Resources

Installing Maintenance Updates


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