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Creating Templates Using the Domain Template Builder

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Starting the WebLogic Domain Template Builder

This section describes how to invoke the WebLogic Domain Template Builder. The Domain Template Builder can be invoked only in graphical mode. If you prefer to work in a non-graphical mode, you can create templates from the command line using the pack and unpack commands. For more information, see Creating Domains and Templates Using the pack and unpack Commands at the following URL:

Topics include:


Starting the Domain Template Builder on Windows Platforms

To start the Domain Template Builder on a Windows platform, do one of the following:


Starting the Domain Template Builder on UNIX Platforms

Note: In graphical mode, the console attached to the machine on which you are running the Domain Template Builder must support a Java-based GUI.

  1. Log in to the target system.
  2. Open a command shell.
  3. Go to the common/bin subdirectory of the product installation directory. For example:
  4. cd BEA_HOME/weblogic91/common/bin
  5. Invoke the following script:
  6. sh


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