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eLink Overview

Welcome to the eLink Documentation home page. This page offers you access to information and online documentation for the primary options in the eLink Platform. BEA eLink Platform is the underlying basis of BEA eLink which, together with adapters and other options, is highly scalable and flexible between eLink instances and domains. BEA eLink Platform ensures high-performance, secure transactions and transparent access to mission-critical applications and information throughout the enterprise and across the Web. BEA provides two main options for eLink Platform:

eLink Framework Access

Provides BEA's transaction platform to integrate existing legacy applications with customer-focused and business-to-business e-commerce initiatives. This infrastructure provides industry-leading scalability, reliability, manageability, and web-enablement.

eLink/Tuxedo Mainframe Access

Provides interoperability among distributed transaction processing (DTP) systems.

Data Transformation

Translates data models used by different applications into a common data format.