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About BEA Guardian


What is Guardian?

How do you use it?

Where can I run it?

Guardian User Interface

Guardian Main Window

Main Menu Bar

Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu

Tools Menu

Window Menu

Help Menu

Main Toolbar

Navigation Pane

Explorer Tabs

Explorer Toolbar Icons

Explorer Toolbar Menus

Document Pane

Document Views and Editors

Document View and Editor Titlebars

Context Menus


Wizard Titlebar Menus

Guardian Online Help System

Guardian Command Line Interface

Key Concepts

Guardian Agent

Multiple Guardian Agent Threads

Guardian Workspace

Guardian Registry


Domain Groups

Domain Inventory


Signature Bundle

Signature Annotations


Snapshot Evaluation

Evaluation Summary

Signature Repository


Support Case



Data Encryption

Secure Transmission


Key Tasks

Activate Domain

Inventory Domain

Evaluate Domain

Update Guardian

Example Scenarios

Scenario 1: Development Cycle Evaluations

Scenario 2: Heavy Load Evaluations

Scenario 3: Application Update Evaluations

Scenario 4: Vendor Software Update Evaluations

Scenario 5: Post Repair Evaluations

Scenario 6: Post Domain Change Evaluations

Scenario 7: Scheduled Overnight Evaluations

Scenario 8: Heartbeat Evaluations

Scenario 9: Diagnostic Evaluations

Supported Configurations

Supported Targets


Basic Tasks

Guardian Agent

Manually Deploy Guardian Agent

Deploy Guardian Agent from WebLogic Server Adminstration Console

Deploy Guardian Agent to Multiple Servers

Configure Maximum Agent Threads

Configure Agent Thread Timeout


Select Workspace

Export Workspace

Import Workspace


Configure Preferences

Export Preferences

Import Preferences


Activate Domain

Activate Multiple Domains

Deactivate Domain

Modify Domain Properties

Purge All Inactive Domains

Domain Groups

Add Domain Group

Rename Domain Group

Delete Domain Group

Proxy Servers

Add Inbound Proxy Servers

Enable Inbound Proxy Connection

Enable and Test Outbound Proxy

Inventories and Evaluations

Inventory Domain

View Domain Inventory

Evaluate Domain

Evaluate Snapshot

Compare Inventories or Evaluations

Export Inventory or Evaluation


View Signature Overview

Filter Signatures

Sort Signatures

Signature Annotations

Annotate Signature

Edit Annotation

Delete Annotation

View Annotations

Filter Annotated Signatures


Explore Bundles

View Bundle Overview


Create Shortcut

Create Shortcut with Shortcut Wizard

Create Shortcut with Evaluation Wizard

Evaluate Shortcut

Delete Shortcut

Command Line Interface

Start Guardian Headless Mode

Run Scripts

Schedule Scripts

Receive Notifications


View Logfiles

Crash Recovery

Resolve Exceptions


Submit Support Case

Updates and Upgrades

Automatically Update Guardian

Manually Update Guardian

Manually Update Guardian Registry

Check Product Configuration


Main Menu

File Menu

Tools Menu

Window Menu

Help Menu

Main Toolbar

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation Pane

Explorer Toolbar Icons

Domain Explorer

Domain Nodes

Domain History Folders

Inventory History Folder

Evaluation History Folder

Domain Explorer Menu

Domain Explorer Context Menu

Domain Properties

Signature Explorer

Signature Explorer Titlebar

Signature Explorer Menu

Signature Explorer Context Menu

Bundle Explorer

Bundle Explorer TitleBar

Bundle Explorer Menu

Bundle Explorer Context Menu

Shortcut Explorer

Shortcut Explorer Context Menu

Document Pane

Active Domains Table

Active Domains Table Toolbar

Domain Inventory

Domain Inventory Tabs

Domain Inventory Outline View

Evaluation Summary

Evaluation Summary Tabs

Evaluation Summary Outline View

Signature Details

Signature Details Tabs

Signature Details Outline View

Bundle Details

Bundle Details Tabs

Bundle Details Outline View

Shortcuts Table

Shortcuts Table Toolbar



Domain Activation Wizard

Domain Deactivation Wizard

Evaluation Wizard

Filters Wizard

Inventory Wizard

Shortcut Wizard

Shortcut Evaluation Wizard

Support Case Wizard

Update Wizard

Log Files

Signature Log File

Guardian Log File

Command Line Interface

Using Scripts

Scheduling Scripts

Receiving Notifications

Appendix A: Apache License

Apache License

Appendix B: Eclipse License

Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement

Usage Of Content

Applicable Licenses


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