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Release Notes

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Contents of the SDK

Important Notes

Notes for Service Pack 2

J2SE Certification

Class or Method Names Using Multi-byte Characters Can Adversely Affect WebLogic JRockit

file.encoding for Linux Implementations Set to "EUC-JP-LINUX"

Preventing JRockit Crashes When Multiple Threads Use JNI GetFieldID

Memory Leak in lowmemposix with High Thread Turnover

Completed Native Threads Released More Often

DatagramPacket.getAddress() Returned Wrong Information

Problem with Stopping JRockit as an NT Service Corrected

Controlling JVM Process Size Growth

JNIString Implementation Now Consistent with Sun Implementation

64-bit JRockit Crashing with Orphaned Threads

Compliance Test Suite Recommendation

Out-of-Memory Errors Encountered when Running with WLS jDriver

Corrected Hangup in java.lang.Object.getMonitorIndexAndLock(Native Method)

Trusted CAs in the JDK cacerts keyStore File Due to Expire

Notes for Service Pack 1

Relocating WebLogic JRockit RPMs Obtained from Red Hat

Avoiding Paging-related Performance Degradation

Avoiding a Crash when Using -Xgc:gencopy and a Set Nursery Size

Unified Format for -Xverbose:memory Output Across all Garbage Collectors

Support for windows-31j Encoding on jDriver

Support for 64-bit Files on Linux

Unified Root Directory Names for Linux

Zip File Header Limitation Expanded

Buffer Overrun Problem Corrected

Using the Correct Version of glibc with IA32 Linux

Memory Footprint Appears Increased

Mimicking GA Behavior for SP1 Implementations

"Bad File Descriptor" Exception Thrown when Too Many Files are Open

NullPointerException Thrown for Synchronized JNI-function Returning Double

Extensive Use of Runtime.exec() Might Cause Crash on IA64

Running tnameserv and Console on Linux64

Notes for GA

Dealing with Heavily Contended Locks

Getting CPU Usage Information in the Management Console

Using Linux on Hyper Threading-enabled Intel Processors

Unknown pthread Library

Invalid Command Line Flags


Note About OS Support


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