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Tuning WebLogic JRockit with WebLogic Server on Linux

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Why is Tuning Necessary?

How Do You Tune a JVM?

Migrating Applications to WebLogic JRockit

What Linux Operating Systems Does WebLogic JRockit Support?

Installing WebLogic JRockit with WLS on Linux

Running WebLogic JRockit JVM with WebLogic Server on Linux

Starting BEA WebLogic JRockit

Starting BEA WebLogic JRockit JVM from the Command Line

Starting BEA WebLogic JRockit from the Node Manager

Configuring WebLogic JRockit JVM by Using Command Line Options

Standard Command Line Options

Presenting General Information Options

Setting Logging Options

Non-standard Command Line Options

Setting Behavioral Options

Displaying Logging Information

Using a Thread System

Using a Memory Management System (Garbage Collection)

Starting a Garbage Collector


Printing a Comprehensive Report

Tuning WebLogic JRockit JVM with WebLogic Server on Linux

Basic JRockit Tuning

Setting the Initial Heap Size


Setting the Maximum Heap Size


Setting -Xmx to Avoid Fragmentation

Setting the Size of the Nursery


Setting Thread Local Object Allocation


Defining When a Memory will be Cleared


Setting the Thread Stack Size


Tuning Tips and Techniques

Determine What You Want to Tune For

Set the Heap Size

Tune for High Responsiveness

Tune for High Performance

Analyze Garbage Collection and Pause Times

Modify Threading Options When Using a Large Number of Threads

Check for Task and Open File Allowance

Optimizing WebLogic JRockit for Use with WebLogic Server

Configuring JRockit for WebLogic Server

Setting Options by Using the Node Manager

Monitoring WebLogic JRockit JVM from WebLogic Server

Running JRockit with Thin Threads on WebLogic Server

Switching to WebLogic JRockit JVM in WebLogic Server

Migrating to WebLogic JRockit with WebLogic Server on Linux

Additional Migration Information

Required Changes

Changes to Environment Variables

Changes to Start-up Scripts

Changes to config.xml

Enabling Core Dumps

Migration Restrictions

Migration Support


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