2.2. Getting Familiar with Kodo Development Workbench

When you have started Kodo Workbench, the application will have all of its major panes open. Oriented to the left is the Explorer pane. The Explorer is actually two components, the MetaData Explorer and the Schema Explorer, separated by a tab system. Towards the bottom is the Log pane. And to the left of the Log pane should be the Details pane. And the majority of the screen should be taken up by the Editor pane. Each pane can be resized, expanded, and collapsed within each split pane. Most of your work will happen within these four panes.

On the bottom lies the status bar. Messages about current tasks Kodo Workbench is working on will be printed there in red. Along the top is the menu bar. Most of the options there will be explained in detail later. The option to exit Kodo Workbench is located under the File menu under Exit, which of course you can select at any time.