Appendix F. DataCache Integrations

F.1. Tangosol Integration
F.2. GemStone Gemfire Integration

Part of the Kodo JDO Performance Pack includes the datastore cache. This appendix discusses integrations of the Kodo datastore cache to thrid party caching solutions.

F.1. Tangosol Integration

The Kodo JDO data cache can integrate with Tangosol's Coherence caching system. To use the Tangosol integration, set the kodo.DataCache configuration property to tangosol, with the appropriate plugin properties for your Tangosol setup. For example:

Example F.1. Tangosol Cache Configuration

kodo.DataCache: tangosol(TangosolCacheName=kodo)

The Tangosol cache understands the following properties:

  • TangosolCacheName: The name of the Tangosol Coherence cache to use. Defaults to kodo.

  • TangosolCacheType: The type of Tangosol Coherence cache to use (optional). Valid values are named, distributed, or replicated. Defaults to named, which means that the cache is looked up via the method. This method looks up the cached by name as defined in the Coherence configuration.


    As of this writing, it is not possible to use a Tangosol Coherence 1.2.2 distributed cache type with Apple's OS X 1.3.1 JVM. Use their replicated cache instead.