Chapter 15. Third Party Integration

15.1. Overview of Third Party Integration features in Kodo
15.2. Apache Ant
15.2.1. Common Ant Configuration Options
15.2.2. JDO Enhancer Ant Task
15.2.3. Application Identity Tool Ant Task
15.2.4. JDO Metadata Tool Ant Task
15.2.5. Mapping Tool Ant Task
15.2.6. Reverse Mapping Tool Ant Task
15.2.7. Schema Tool Ant Task
15.2.8. Schema Generator Ant Task
15.3. XDoclet
15.4. Borland JBuilder
15.4.1. Installing Kodo Into JBuilder
15.4.2. Kodo Configuration from JBuilder
15.4.3. Creating and building JDO projects in JBuilder
15.4.4. Editing JDO Metadata from JBuilder
15.4.5. Editing Mapping Info from JBuilder
15.4.6. JBuilder Project Sample
15.5. Sun ONE Studio / NetBeans IDE
15.5.1. Before Installing Kodo into the IDE
15.5.2. Installing Kodo into the IDE
15.5.3. Configuring the Kodo Module
15.5.4. Kodo Template Wizards
15.5.5. JDO DataObject
15.5.6. Mapping DataObject
15.5.7. Kodo Integration into the Build Process
15.5.8. SunONE / NetBeans Sample
15.6. Eclipse / WebSphere Studio Integration
15.6.1. Installing the Kodo Eclipse Plugin
15.6.2. Configuring the Plugin
15.6.3. Using Kodo in Eclipse IDEs
15.6.4. Eclipse Sample

15.1. Overview of Third Party Integration features in Kodo

Kodo provides a number of mechanisms for integrating with third-party tools. The following chapter will illustrate these integration features.