Chapter 5. Persistent Classes

5.1. Restrictions on Persistent Classes
5.2. Object Identity
5.2.1. Datastore Identity
5.2.2. Application Identity
5.2.3. Single Field Identity
5.2.4. Primary Key Generation Sequence Factory Auto-Increment Sequence-Assigned
5.3. Managed Inverses
5.4. Mutable Second Class Object Fields
5.4.1. Restoring Mutable Fields
5.4.2. Typing and Ordering
5.4.3. Proxies Smart Proxies Large Result Set Proxies Custom Proxies
5.5. Enhancement
5.6. Auto-Generating Classes from a Schema
5.6.1. Customizing Reverse Mapping
5.7. Persistent Class List

Persistent class basics are covered in Chapter 4, PersistenceCapable of the JDO Overview. This chapter details the tools Kodo JDO provides to aid in persistent class creation.

5.1. Restrictions on Persistent Classes

Kodo JDO places very few restrictions on persistent classes, other than those mandated by the JDO specification, which we have enumerated in Section 4.3, “Restrictions on Persistent Classes”. In particular, Kodo JDO fully supports inheritance, as well as a wide array of persistent field types and persistent relations between objects. See Chapter 7, Object-Relational Mapping on object-relational mapping for a complete list of the supported inheritance and persistent field patterns.