Chapter 10. JDO Runtime Extensions

10.1. KodoPersistenceManagerFactory
10.2. KodoPersistenceManager
10.2.1. JDO Transaction Events
10.2.2. JDO 2 Preview Methods
10.2.3. Lifecycle Events
10.2.4. PersistenceManager Extension
10.3. KodoExtent
10.4. KodoQuery
10.5. Fetch Configuration
10.6. KodoHelper
10.7. Query Extensions
10.7.1. JDOQL Extensions Included JDOQL Extensions Developing Custom JDOQL Extensions Configuring JDOQL Extensions
10.7.2. Aggregate Extensions Configuring Query Aggregates
10.8. Object Locking
10.8.1. Configuring Default Locking
10.8.2. Configuring Lock Levels at Runtime
10.8.3. Object Locking APIs
10.8.4. Lock Manager
10.8.5. Rules for Locking Behavior
10.8.6. Known Issues and Limitations
10.9. Orphaned Keys

This chapter describes Kodo extensions to the standard JDO runtime interfaces, and outlines some additional features of the Kodo JDO runtime.

10.1. KodoPersistenceManagerFactory

The kodo.runtime.KodoPersistenceManagerFactory interface extends the basic javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory with Kodo-specific features. The interface offers APIs to obtain managed and unmanaged persistence managers from the same factory and to perform other Kodo-specific operations. See the interface Javadoc for details on the KodoPersistenceManagerFactory.