3.2. Setup

3.2.1. Tutorial Files
3.2.2. Important Utilities

If you haven't already, follow the instructions in the Kodo JDO README.txt. This will ensure that your CLASSPATH and other environmental variables are set up correctly. Once you've completed the installation instructions, change into the reversetutorial directory.

3.2.1. Tutorial Files

The tutorial uses the following files:

  • The reversetutorial_database.properties , reversetutorial_database.script , and reversetutorial_database.data : These files make up a Hypersonic file-based database with the schema outlined above. The database is already populated with lots of magazine data representing your shop's inventory.

  • reversetutorial.Finder: Uses JDO to execute user-supplied query strings and output the matching persistent objects. This class relies on persistent classes that we haven't generated yet, so it won't compile immediately.

  • kodo.properties : Properties file containing Kodo-specific and standard JDO configuration settings.

    For this tutorial, make sure the following properties are set to the values below:

    javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName: org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
    javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName: sa
    javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL: jdbc:hsqldb:reversetutorial_database


    You must specify a valid Kodo license key in the kodo.properties file.

  • solutions: Contains the complete solutions to this tutorial, including all generated code.

3.2.2. Important Utilities

  • java: Runs main methods in specified Java classes.

  • javac: Compiles .java files into .class files that can be executed by java.

  • jdoc: Runs the Kodo JDO enhancer against the specified classes. More information is available in Section 5.5, “Enhancement” of the Reference Guide.