Chapter 1. Kodo Sample Code

1.1. Using Application Identity
1.2. Using JDO with Java Server Pages (jsp)
1.3. Custom Proxies
1.4. JDO Enterprise Java Beans Facade
1.5. Customizing Logging
1.6. Custom Sequence Factory
1.7. Horizontal Mappings
1.8. Using Externalization to Persist Second Class Objects
1.9. Using Persistent Classes Without Enhancement
1.10. XDoclet Integration
1.11. Custom Mappings
1.12. Example of full-text searching in JDO
1.13. JMX Management
1.14. XML Store Manager
1.15. Sample Human Resources Model
1.16. Sample School Schedule Model

The Kodo distribution comes with a number of examples that illustrate the usage of various features.

1.1. Using Application Identity

The files for this sample are located in the samples/appid directory of the Kodo installation. This sample shows how to use application identity. The GovernmentForm class uses a static inner class as its application identity class. The Main class is a simple JDO application that allows you to create and manipulate persistent GovernmentForm instances.