Chapter 1. Kodo JPA/JDO

1.1. About This Document
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Kodo JPA/JDO is BEA System's implementation of Sun's Java Persistence API (JPA) specification and Java Data Objects (JDO) specification for the transparent persistence of Java objects. This document provides an overview of these persistence standards and technical details on the use of Kodo JPA/JDO.

To quickly get started with JPA, you may want to begin at Section 1.2, “Kodo JPA Tutorial”. If you would prefer to start with an introduction to the concepts of JPA, begin with Chapter 1, Introduction.

To get familiar with JDO, you may want to start with Section 2.2, “Kodo JDO Tutorial”. If you are interested in reading about the background and concepts involved in JDO, start at Chapter 1, Introduction.

1.1. About This Document

This document is intended for Kodo users. It is divided into several parts:

  • The JPA Overview describes the fundamentals of JPA.

  • The JDO Overview describes the fundamentals of JDO.

  • In the Kodo JPA/JDO Tutorials you will develop simple persistent applications using Kodo. Through the tutorials' hands-on approach, you will become comfortable with the core tools and development processes under Kodo JPA/JDO.

  • The Kodo JPA/JDO Reference Guide contains detailed documentation on all aspects of Kodo JPA/JDO. Browse through this guide to familiarize yourself with the many advanced features and customization opportunities Kodo provides. Later, you can use the guide when you need details on a specific aspect of Kodo JPA/JDO.


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