Appendix 4. Supported Databases

4.1. Apache Derby
4.2. Borland Interbase
4.3. JDataStore
4.4. IBM DB2
4.5. Empress
4.6. Hypersonic
4.7. Firebird
4.8. Informix
4.9. InterSystems Cache
4.10. Microsoft Access
4.11. Microsoft SQL Server
4.12. Microsoft FoxPro
4.13. MySQL
4.14. Oracle
4.15. Pointbase
4.16. PostgreSQL
4.17. Sybase Adaptive Server

Following is a table of the database and JDBC driver versions that are supported by Kodo JPA/JDO.

Table 4.1. Supported Databases and JDBC Drivers

Database NameDatabase VersionJDBC Driver NameJDBC Driver Version
Apache Derby10.1.2.1Apache Derby Embedded JDBC Driver10.1.2.1
Borland Interbase7.1.0.202Interclient4.5.1
Borland JDataStore6.0 Borland JDataStore 6.0
DB28.1 IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver 1.0.581
Empress8.62 Empress Category 2 JDBC Driver 8.62
Firebird1.5JayBird JCA/JDBC driver1.0.1
Hypersonic Database Engine1.8.0Hypersonic1.8.0
Informix Dynamic Server9.30.UC10Informix JDBC driver2.21.JC2
InterSystems Cache5.0Cache JDBC Driver5.0
Microsoft Access9.0 (a.k.a. "2000") DataDirect SequeLink 5.4.0038
Microsoft SQL Server 9.00.1399 (SQL Server 2005) SQLServer1.0.809.102
Microsoft Visual FoxPro7.0 DataDirect SequeLink 5.4.0038
MySQL3.23.43-logMySQL Driver3.0.14
Oracle8.1,9.2,10.1Oracle JDBC driver10.
Pointbase4.4Pointbase JDBC driver4.4 (4.4)
PostgreSQL7.2.1PostgreSQL Native Driver7.2 (7.2)
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5jConnect5.5 (5.5)

4.1. Apache Derby

Example 4.1. Example properties for Derby

kodo.ConnectionDriverName: org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
kodo.ConnectionURL: jdbc:derby:DB_NAME;create=true


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