2.4. Command Line Configuration

2.4.1. Code Formatting

Kodo development tools share the same set of configuration defaults and overrides as the runtime system. They also allow you to specify property values on the command line:

2.4.1. Code Formatting

Some Kodo development tools generate Java code. These tools share a common set of command-line flags for formatting their output to match your coding style. All code formatting flags can begin with either the codeFormat or cf prefix.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.tabSpaces <spaces> : The number of spaces that make up a tab, or 0 to use tab characters. Defaults to using tab characters.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.spaceBeforeParen <true/t | false/f>: Whether or not to place a space before opening parentheses on method calls, if statements, loops, etc. Defaults to false.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.spaceInParen <true/t | false/f>: Whether or not to place a space within parentheses; i.e. method( arg ). Defaults to false.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.braceOnSameLine <true/t | false/f>: Whether or not to place opening braces on the same line as the declaration that begins the code block, or on the next line. Defaults to true.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.braceAtSameTabLevel <true/t | false/f>: When the braceOnSameLine option is disabled, you can choose whether to place the brace at the same tab level of the contained code. Defaults to false.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.scoreBeforeFieldName <true/t | false/f>: Whether to prefix an underscore to names of private member variables. Defaults to false.

  • -codeFormat./-cf.linesBetweenSections <lines> : The number of lines to skip between sections of code. Defaults to 1.

Example 2.1. Code Formatting with the Reverse Mapping Tool

reversemappingtool -cf.spaceBeforeParen true -cf.tabSpaces 4