13.2. Dumping Profiling Data to Disk from a Batch Process

The profiling capability can be used to create profiling exports. Exported profiling data is stored in files ending with the .prx suffix. To view exported profiling data, use the profilingviewer command, e.g. profilingviewer myexport.prx. To enable automatic export of profiling data, set the following properties (see Section 2.7.43, “kodo.ManagementConfiguration”):

JPA XML format:

<property name="kodo.ManagementConfiguration" value="profiling-export"/>

JDO properties format:

kodo.ManagementConfiguration: profiling-export

When exporting, the ManagementConfiguration value takes the following optional parameters:

For example, in order to export data every five minutes with a basename of MyExport set the kodo.ManagementConfiguration property to: