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Deployment Guide

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Liquid Data Deployment Considerations

WebLogic Platform Configuration Wizard

Creating New Liquid Data-enabled WebLogic Domains

Extending an Existing WebLogic Domain for Liquid Data

Overview of Deployment Steps

Deployment References in WebLogic Platform Documentation

Resources to Deploy

Resources to Configure

Planning a Liquid Data Deployment

Defining Deployment Requirements

Deployable Liquid Data Components

Designing Deployments

Single Domain Deployments

Single Server Deployments

Multi-Node Deployments

Clustered Deployments

Multi-Domain Deployments

Deployment Tasks

Deploying Liquid Data with a New WebLogic Domain

Extending Liquid Data to an Existing WebLogic Domain

Required Changes to Server Files

Changes to Windows Start WebLogic Scripts

Changes to the file

Modifying the Startup Script To Set the Administrative User Name

Copying a Liquid Data Configuration From Server to Server

Configuring Remote Start for a Liquid Data-Enabled Managed Server

Modifying the Windows Service Startup Script to Support Liquid Data

Troubleshooting a Deployment

Troubleshooting Resources

Liquid Data Resources

Log Entries

Release Notes

Product Documentation

WebLogic Server Resources

WebLogic Portal Resources

WebLogic Workshop Resources

BEA Developer Center

Troubleshooting Out of Memory Exceptions

Tuning Liquid Data Performance

Where to Begin

Checking Your System Configuration

Tuning Queries

Liquid Data Performance Factors

Query Performance Factors

Data Source Performance Factors

Performance Factors for All Data Sources

Performance Factors for Data Source Types

Platform Performance Factors

General Platform Performance Factors

WebLogic Server Performance Factors

Liquid Data Host Server Machine

WebLogic Integration Performance Factors

Monitoring Liquid Data Performance

Monitoring Guidelines

Using the WebLogic Administration Console to Monitor Performance


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