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Concepts Guide

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Introducing Liquid Data

What is BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic?

Liquid Data Capabilities

Real Time Data Access

Share Corporate Assets

Increase Developer Productivity


Integration with WebLogic Workshop

Liquid Data Architecture

Liquid Data Architecture Components

Liquid Data Components Architecture Diagram

Liquid Data Components

Liquid Data Server and Distributed Query Processor

Liquid Data Repository

Data View Builder

Administration Console

Liquid Data Control in WebLogic Workshop

Liquid Data Query API

Custom Functions

Liquid Data and the WebLogic Platform

Liquid Data and WebLogic Platform Architecture Diagram

Runs Within WebLogic Server

Integrates With WebLogic Integration

Integrates With WebLogic Portal

Application Development With WebLogic Workshop

Liquid Data Roles and Responsibilities

Data Architects

Application Developers

System Administrators

Liquid Data Standards and Features

Liquid Data Implements the XQuery Standard

About XQuery

XQuery Links

XQuery Example

Sample XQuery Query

Sample Query Results

Definitions of Key Terms

Data Sources

Queries, Results, and Schemas

Data Views


Custom Functions

Liquid Data Quick Start

Step 1. Install the Software

Step 2: Explore the Liquid Data Samples

Step 3. Define the Data Access and Aggregation Requirements and Scope

Step 4. Configure Access to Data Sources

Step 5. Create and Test Queries in the XQuery Language

Step 6: Develop Applications to Display Liquid Data Queries

Step 7. Deploy the Data Access and Aggregation Solution


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