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Application Developer's Guide

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Invoking Queries in Web Service Clients

This chapter introduces how to invoke BEA Liquid Data for WebLogicTM queries in Web service client applications. It contains the following sections:

For more information about Liquid Data-generated Web services, see Generating and Publishing Web Services in the Liquid Data Administration Guide.


Finding the WSDL URL for Generated Web Services

After generating a Web service for a selected stored query, the Administration Console displays a confirmation message that shows the URL of the generated Web service. The URL of the WSDL of a generated Web service has the following pattern:


For example, if the stored query is named order.xq, then the URL of its WSDL is:



Invoking Web Services Programmatically

You invoke Liquid Data Web services that were generated in the Administration Console using the same approach that you would use for invoking any WebLogic Web Service. For more information, see Invoking Web Services in Programming WebLogic Web Services in the WebLogic Server documentation.


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