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BEA WebLogic Platform™ integrates and extends the WebLogic suite of products. It provides a range of solutions for many types of users, from the corporate developer requiring easy-to-use visual programming tools, to the professional developer seeking to optimize application design.

Product features include industry-leading implementations of J2EE™ 1.3 APIs and other standards; a global installer that allows you to select from a list of licensed technologies; clustering capabilities to support reliability, availability, and serviceability requirements; and graphical tools to ease the development and deployment of mission-critical enterprise applications, Web services, sophisticated end-user portals, and B2B integration of existing applications or trading partner applications.


This Web site contains information for WebLogic Platform 7.0 Service Pack 7 or later.

Platform 7.0 includes: WebLogic Server, WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Integration, WebLogic Portal, JRockit

Introducing WebLogic Platform

Read me first!Describes the key components in WebLogic Platform and summarizes how you can use the features to implement mission-critical applications.

Getting Started

This set of documents explains where to get started understanding, installing, or configuring WebLogic Platform and running the sample application.

WebLogic Workshop

WebLogic Workshop is a new visual development environment that makes it easy for application developers and J2EE experts alike to build and deploy enterprise-class Web services.

Building Web Services on WebLogic Platform

Distinguishes between the type of Web services you can build with either WebLogic Workshop or WebLogic Server.

Samples and Tutorials

In addition to the platform-wide sample, BEA offers a variety of samples and tutorials that are focused on specific features.

System Administration

How to start, configure, and monitor WebLogic Platform applications.


Guides for assembling, packaging, and deploying WebLogic Platform applications and components.


Take the Tour

Explore a sample application that demonstrates key features in the WebLogic Platform. A fictitious company, Avitek Digital Imaging, provides the setting for B2C and B2B Web sites. The use of Web services created by WebLogic Workshop and a portlet generated by the Portlet Wizard are also shown.

What's New

Read a summary of the new features available in WebLogic Platform 7.0.


Guides for the WebLogic Platform development environment and each J2EE technology.


A centralized list of hyperlinks to all the API Javadoc.


How to configure security for WebLogic Platform applications.

Performance Tuning

How to optimize the performance of WebLogic Platform applications.


Lists the tools provided by WebLogic Platform and links to documentation that describes each tool.