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Managing WebLogic Platform Database Resources

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Configuring Database Resources

Configuring Database Resources in a Domain

Important Recommendations for Configuring WebLogic JDBC

Switching Databases

Preparing Your Database for Production

Related Topics

Configuring Databases

Configuring DB2

Configuring MS SQL Server

Configuring Sybase

Using WebLogic Platform with Oracle RAC

Overview of Oracle Real Application Clusters

Configuring WebLogic Platform to Use Oracle9i or 10g RAC

Configuration Options


Connect-Time Failover

Global Transactions

Setting Up MultiPools with Global Transactions

Methods of Configuring MultiPools with Global Transactions

WebLogic JDBC Components that Must Be Configured for Oracle RAC

Rules for Connection Pools within a MultiPool

Required Attributes of Connection Pools within a MultiPool

Sample config.xml Code

Using Connect-Time Failover

Attributes of a Connect-Time Failover Configuration

Sample config.xml Code

Configuring a WebLogic Platform Domain with WLST Offline

Configuring Your Component-Specific Domain to Use Oracle RAC

Updating an Existing XA Domain to Use Oracle RAC

Limitations on Using Oracle RAC with Your WebLogic Domain

Default JDBC Configurations for WebLogic Platform

Default JDBC Configuration for the Basic WebLogic Platform Domain

Summary of Default JDBC Configurations for All Configuration Templates

WebLogic Server Scripting Tool (WLST) Offline File

WebLogic Server Scripting Tool (WLST) Offline Update File


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