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Security in WebLogic Platform 8.1

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Introducing WebLogic Platform 8.1 Security

Overview of WebLogic Platform Security

Securing a Platform-Based Application

The WebLogic Platform Domain

Protecting Resources in a Platform-Based Application

Configuring Users and Groups in a Platform-Based Application

Configuring Security Roles

Configuring Security Policies

Using Declarative Security

Using Web Service Security (WS-Security)

Obtaining End-to-End Security

Managing WebLogic Platform Security

Configuring WebLogic Platform Security

Upgrading the Security Configuration from a Previous Release

Upgrading to WebLogic Server 8.1 Security

Upgrading to WebLogic Integration 8.1 Security

Upgrading to WebLogic Portal 8.1 Security

Upgrading to WebLogic Workshop 8.1 Security

Configuring Security Using the Configuration Wizard

Configuring Security Administratively Versus Programmatically

Configuring Security Using the Administration Consoles

Configuring Your Platform Applications on Multiple Servers, Across Domains, and in Clusters

Customizing the Security Configuration

Backing Up User Information

Backing Up User Information in the Embedded LDAP Server

Backing Up Digital Certificates

Backing Up Trading Partner Profiles

Additional Resources on dev2dev

Migrating User Information to Another Security Realm or Domain

Securing a Production Environment

Securing the Production Environment

Securing WebLogic Platform Resources

Configuring a Domain for a Production Environment

Enabling Security Auditing

Using an External Store for User Information

Where User Information Is Stored

Security Providers Associated with User Information

Default Repositories for User Information

Customizing the User Information Data Stores

Using an External LDAP Server

LDAP Servers You Can Use with WebLogic Platform

Using a Custom or Third Party Authentication Provider

Using Custom or Third-Party Authentication Providers with WebLogic Portal or WebLogic Integration

For More Information About Custom Authentication Providers

Using a Custom Role Mapping Provider

Managing User Profile Information

Removing User Profiles

Users, Groups, and Roles Preconfigured in a Platform Domain

Default Users Created in a Platform Domain

Default WebLogic Server Roles and Groups

Default WebLogic Integration Security Roles and Groups

Default WebLogic Portal Security Roles and Groups

Using BEA WebLogic Enterprise Security

Security Advisories and Online Support

BEA Security Advisories

Reporting Security Issues

dev2dev Security Resources

Where to Find More Information


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