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WebLogic Platform Tour Guide

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Getting Started

Introducing the WebLogic Platform Tour

WebLogic Platform Components

Integrated Application Solution

Business Scenario

Stepping Through the WebLogic Platform Tour

Starting the WebLogic Platform Tour

Starting WebLogic Workshop

Tips for Taking the WebLogic Platform Tour

Stopping the WebLogic Platform Tour

Logging In to the Avitek Corporate Intranet

Step Through the Tour

Developing an Intranet Portal Using WebLogic Portal

Designing a Portal

Designing a Portlet

Controlling the User Path Using Page Flows

Creating JSP Content

Administering Portals with WebLogic Portal

Reviewing the Avitek Intranet Portal

Reviewing the Portals

Reviewing the Portlets

Direct Reports Portlet

Doc Tour Portlet

Employee Portlet

Log In Portlet

Log Out Portlet

Manager Tasks Pending Portlet

Navigation Portlet

Order Portlet

Building a Custom Control

Reviewing the Custom Controls for the Avitek Intranet Portal

JoinDB Custom Control

WorkflowInvoker Custom Control

Configuring Security in Web Applications

Viewing Employee Information

Step Through the Tour

Using a Built-In Control

Reviewing the Employee Information System

Ordering Office Equipment

Step Through the Tour

Step 1: Place a New Order

Step 2: Approve an Order

Step 3: Check the Status of an Order

Designing Business Processes Using WebLogic Integration

Reviewing the Office Equipment Order Management System

Overview of the Office Equipment Order Management Business Processes

Order Requisition Business Process

Order New Business Process

Billing Business Process

Shipping Business Process

Learning More About WebLogic Platform


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