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Supported Configurations for WebLogic Platform 10.0

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Supported Interoperability Tools

This section describes the following interoperability tools that are supported for use with WebLogic Server 10.0.


WebLogic Server Support for Jolt

Jolt is a Java-based client API that manages requests to BEA Tuxedo services via a Jolt Service Listener (JSL) running on the Tuxedo server. For more information on Tuxedo and Jolt, see BEA Tuxedo Documentation.

Jolt client 9.x should be used with BEA WebLogic Server to interoperate with Tuxedo server.


WebLogic Server Support for WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector supports the following Tuxedo releases:


WebLogic Server Support for the WebLogic C API

The WebLogic C API enables programs written in C to participate in JMS applications using the Java Native Interface (JNI) to access a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For this release, the JMS C API adheres to the JMS Version 1.1 specification to promote the porting of Java JMS 1.1 code. For more information, see "WebLogic JMS C API" in Programming WebLogic JMS at:

For this release, BEA supports the JMS C API on the following operating systems:


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