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7.0 Supported Configurations: HP-UX 11i on Itanium

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HP-UX 11i V1.6 on Itanium with WebLogic Server 7.0 SP1

Provides full support for WebLogic Server. WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Integration, and WebLogic Portal are not supported. See below for Design and Development Tools support.


This section provides the following information:

Related Information


Configuration Requirements

Table 2-1 Requirements for 7.0 SP1 on HP-UX 11i V1.6 on Itanium

Operating System Version and Patches

HP-UX 11i v1.6 with HP-UX patches for JavaTM. See

Chip Architecture and Minimum Processor Speed



HP-UX SDK through with Java HotSpotTM Server VM

Design and Development Tools

Supports WebLogic Server development tools.

For more information about WebLogic Platform design and development tools support, see Supported Configurations for Design and Development Tools in Version 7.0 SP1 in Supported Configurations for WebLogic Platform 7.0.


512 MB required; 1 GB recommended

Disk Space

For any components of WebLogic Platform or for the full WebLogic Platform product, see Disk Space Requirements.

Performance Pack



Node Manager



BEA jDrivers for Oracle




Known Issues

This section provides recommendations and workarounds for the following issues:

For more information about known issues with any components of this release, see the appropriate Release Notes document. For a complete list of Release Notes supporting WebLogic Platform 7.0, see:

Maximum Threads Setting

The HP-UX 11.0 default value for maximum threads per process is 64. This value may be too low for both WebLogic Server and Java server applications in general. If the value is too low, your WebLogic Server may have problems starting up.

Maximum Kernel Setting

BEA recommends that you use the maximum kernel setting for the max_thread_proc and maxusers parameters. Setting maxusers to a higher value increases other machine-wide limits, such as nkthread (the maximum number of kernel threads). The following table shows recommendations for kernel configuration parameters.

Table 2-2 Recommended HP-UX 11.0 Kernel Settings


Old Value

New Value





Maximum threads per process




Soft file limit per process




Influences other parameters




Number of threads total on the system




Maximum number of processes




Number of pending timeouts


QuickStart Does Not Invoke Netscape 4.7x

If the LANG environment variable is set to C on your system (LANG=C) and you select Netscape 4.7.x as your browser, then QuickStart may fail to start. To fix this problem, terminate QuickStart, unset the LANG environment variable (manually or by using a wrapper function), and restart the QuickStart application.

This problem is reported in CR082062.

Apache Server Hangs If ld and Are Obsolete

If the Apache server hangs when you are trying to use the BEA Apache plugin on an HP-UX platform, then you are probably using an obsolete version of ld and/or Apache binaries require the B.11.32 (or higher) version of ld and

To determine which version of ld is installed on your system, complete the following procedure:

  1. Enter: ld -V
  2. Enter: what /usr/lib/
  3. The version numbers of ld and are displayed.

  4. Determine which patch you need for your system:
  5. Go to the appropriate IT Resource Center:
  6. Under Maintenance/Support, click Individual Patches.
  7. Scroll down to the following entry:
  8. Retrieve a specific patch by entering the patch name

  9. Enter the patch number in the input field.

Download and install the patch on your system.


Download and Installation Instructions

To install WebLogic Server 7.0 SP1 on a configuration of HP-UX 11.23 on Itanium, complete the following procedure:

  1. Download the HP-UX SDK from
  2. Install the SDK in your environment and configure your environment to support it:
  1. To download WebLogic Server 7.0 and the supplementary JAR file for it provided by BEA:
    1. Go to the BEA download site at
    2. Download WebLogic Server 7.0 SP1 for HP-UX.
    3. Download BEA's supplementary JAR file (weblogic700sp1_hpipf_supp.jar) for the HP-UX (11i, v1.6).
  2. Install WebLogic Server 7.0 SP1. For standard installation instructions, see BEA WebLogic Server and WebLogic Express Installation Guide.
  3. Export the WL_HOME variable to point to the WebLogic installation.
  4. $ export WL_HOME=/your_installation_directory/weblogic700

  5. Add weblogic700/server/bin to your execution path:
  6. $ export PATH=$WL_HOME/server/bin:$PATH

  7. Go to $WL_HOME/server:
  8. $ cd $WL_HOME/server

  9. Extract the contents of the weblogic700sp1_hpipf_supp.jar file. This step overwrites some shell scripts and creates new directories for native libraries.
  10. $ jar -xvf weblogic700sp1_hpipf_supp.jar

  11. Update the environment variables WL_HOME and JAVA_HOME in the following shell scripts:
  12. Update the environment variables
  13. In the startNodeManager shell script, update the following environment variables:
  14. Set the correct execution modes on the contents of the weblogic700/server/bin and weblogic700/server/lib directories:


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