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8.1 Supported Configurations: HP-UX 11i on Itanium

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HP-UX 11i V2 on Itanium with WebLogic Server 8.1 SP1

Provides full support for WebLogic Server. WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Integration, and WebLogic Portal are not supported. See below for Design and Development Tools support.


This section provides the following information:

Related Information


Configuration Requirements

Table 7-1 Requirements for WebLogic Server 8.1 on HP-UX 11i V2 on Itanium 

Operating System Version and Patches

HP-UX 11i V2.0 (HP-UX 11.23) with HP-UX patches for JavaTM. See

Chip Architecture and Minimum Processor Speed

Itanium (900 MHz)


HP-UX SDK (32-bit)
JavaTM 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build
Java HotSpotTM Server VM (build 1.4.1 IA64, mixed mode)

Design and Development Tools

Supports WebLogic Server development tools.


512 MB required; 1 GB recommended

Performance Pack



Node Manager



BEA jDrivers for Oracle

For this Oracle client version:

The following shared libraries are provided:


  • lib/hpux11/IPF32/oci920_9/

  • lib/hpux11/IPF32/oci920_8/



Known Issues

For more information about known issues with any components of this release, see the Release Notes document for WebLogic Server, available at:


Download and Installation Instructions

This section provides instructions for the following tasks:

Downloading and Installing the HP-UX SDK

  1. Download the HP-UX SDK from
  2. Install the JDK in your environment and then make the following changes in your environment:

Note: There is a known issue with the character set API in HP-UX SDK As a result, Charset.availableCharsets() always fails. If you plan to use this code in your applications, install HP-UX, as described in Known Issues.

Downloading and Installing WebLogic Server 8.1 SP1

  1. Go to the BEA Downloads site ( and download the following:
  2. Install WebLogic Server 8.1 SP1 by completing the the console-mode installation procedure for .jar files in Installing BEA WebLogic Platform at
  3. $ java -jar pj_server811_generic.jar -mode=console

  4. Set the WL_HOME variable to point to the WebLogic Server installation, and export WL_HOME:
  5. $ export WL_HOME=/your_installation_directory/weblogic81

  6. Add weblogic81/server/bin to your execution path:
  7. $ export PATH=$WL_HOME/server/bin:$PATH

  8. Go to $WL_HOME/server/lib/hpux11:
  9. $ cd $WL_HOME/server/lib/hpux11

  10. Extract the contents of the wls811_hpux1123_supp.jar file:
  11. $ jar -xvf wls811_hpux1123_supp.jar

    This step creates new directories for native libraries.

  12. Update the environment variable SHLIB_PATH in the following shell scripts:
  13. Replace all occurrences of $WL_HOME/server/lib/hpux11 with $WL_HOME/server/lib/hpux11/IPF32.

  14. Set the correct execution modes on the contents of the weblogic81/server/bin and weblogic81/server/lib directories:
  15. $ chmod +x $WL_HOME/server/bin/*
    $ chmod -R +x $WL_HOME/server/lib/hpux11/*


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