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8.1 Supported Configurations: Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8 on x86

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Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8 on x86 with WebLogic Server 8.1

Provides full support for WebLogic Server. WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Integration, and WebLogic Portal are not supported. See below for Design and Development Tools support.


This section provides the following information:

Related Information

For information about supported database configurations, Web servers, and browsers, plus support for interoperability tools and WebLogic Platform product support information, see WebLogic Platform 8.1 Supported Configurations.


Configuration Requirements

Table 3-1 Requirements for WebLogic Server 8.1 on Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8 on x86

Operating System Version and Patches

Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server (SLES) 8 with Kernel 2.4.19-64GB-SMP with glibc 2.2.5 (32-bit)

Chip Architecture and Minimum Processor Speed

Xeon, Pentium II or higher, x86, and compatible chip architectures (400 MHz)


WebLogic JRockit 8.1 (J2SE 1.4.1)

WebLogic Server 8.1 supports WebLogic JRockit 8.1 (J2SE 1.4.1) and all later 1.4.1 releases of JRockit.

Design and Development Tools

Supports WebLogic Server development tools.


512 MB required; 1 GB recommended

Performance Pack



Node Manager



BEA jDrivers for Oracle

For this Oracle client version:

The following shared libraries are provided:


  • lib/linux/i686/oci817_8/

  • lib/linux/i686/oci817_8/


  • lib/linux/i686/oci901_8/

  • lib/linux/i686/oci901_8/


  • lib/linux/i686/oci920_8/

  • lib/linux/i686/oci920_8/



Known Issues

The setuid function does not work with this SDK due to the way the current Linux thread model works. When you use ports lower than 1024, you cannot switch from root to a non-privileged user ID by using the setuid function.

For more information about known issues with this release, see the WebLogic Server 8.1 Release Notes:


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