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Supported Configurations for WebLogic Server 9.0

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WebLogic Server 9.0 Supported Configurations

List of Supported Operating System Configurations

Apache Beehive Support

Spring Framework Support

Supported Web Servers, Browsers, and Firewalls

Web Servers

Browsers and Plug-Ins

Accessing End-User Applications

Accessing the WebLogic Server Console

Browser Support for the Console

Browser Support for Applets


Supported Database Configurations

WebLogic Server Support for Database Application Connectivity

Databases Supporting WebLogic Server Features

Supported Database Versions and Drivers for Oracle RAC

Supported Interoperability Tools

WebLogic Server Support for Jolt

WebLogic Server Support for WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

WebLogic Server Support for the WebLogic C API

Product Support Information

Important Support Information

WebLogic Server Support

Supported Hardware

Support Policy for Compatible Hardware Architectures

Support for Intel 64-bit Xeon Hardware

Support for BladeFrame Architecture

Compatibility of WebLogic Server 9.0 with Previous Releases

Support for Server Migration

Supported Platforms for Server Migration

Support for Leasing Implementations for Server Migration

Development Platforms

Support Policy for Third-Party JVMs

Installation Information

End-of-Life and Product Life Cycle Policy Information


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