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Supported Configurations: WebLogic

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BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition 9.2 V1.0

This section provides the following information:


Related Information

For information, see the BEA WebLogic Server Virtual EditionTM 9.2 V1.0 homepage.


Configuration Requirements

WebLogic Server Virtual Edition (WLS-VE) 9.2 v1.0 consists of Web Logic Server 9.2 MP1 and BEA Liquid VM 1.0 (bundled) supported on VMware Virtual Infrastructure. The following section provides support information on WebLogic Server Virtual Edition 9.2 v1.0:

WLS-VE 9.2 v1.0 Requirements

This release of WLS-VE supports VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.0.0 and higher. See for detailed information on hardware support for VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

Note: This release of WLS-VE does not support:

Supported Operating Systems for the WLS-VE Launcher

The launcher is the machine on which you execute the WLS-VE installation program and initiate the creation of virtual machines on the VMware ESX machine. BEA supports the WLS-VE launcher on:

WebLogic Server Support

WLS-VE 9.2 v1.0 supports WebLogic Server 9.2 MP1 for the following configurations:


Known Issues

For information about known issues with BEA products supported on this configuration, including available workarounds, see WebLogic Server Virtual Edition Known and Resolved Issues.


Download Instructions

For download information, see the download site for WebLogic Server Virtual Edition 9.2 V1.0 (for VMware Infrastructure 3).


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