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For more information about CORBA, distributed object computing, and transaction processing, refer to the following books, specifications, and technical articles. (Many of the books listed here are available at (external link to the Amazon Web site).)


  • Edwards, J., Harkey, D., and Orfali, R. 1997. CORBA, Java, and the Object Web. BYTE Magazine. October 1997.
  • Linthicum, D. 1998. Getting Along: It Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing When Deciding Between COM and CORBA.DBMS. March 1998.
  • Mowbray, Thomas J. and Malveau, Raphael C. (Contributor). 1997. CORBA Design Patterns, paperback and CD-ROM edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification . Revision 2.3, February 1998. Published by the Object Management Group (OMG).
  • CORBAservices: Common Object Services Specification. Revised Edition. Updated: November 1997. Published by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Distributed Object Computing

  • Booch, G. 1994. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Second Edition (Benjamin-Cummings). This second edition of Booch's book is superb reading. It is also an introduction, but it emphasizes language constructs, methodology, and notation.
  • Cobb, E. 1998. Issues When Making Object Middleware Scalable. Middleware Spectra, Volume 12, Report 2. 36-41.
  • Cobb, E. What Component Technology Brings to the Mix.
  • Edwards, J. 1998. Let's Get Serious About Distributed Computing. Distributed Computing. February 1998.
  • Fowler, M. with Scott, K. 1997. UML Distilled, Applying the Standard Object Modeling Language. Addison-Wesley.
  • Gamma, E., Helm, R., Johnson, R., and Vlissides, J. 1995. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series.
  • Guglielmo, E., and Nainu, M. 1998. Activation Management of Business Objects. Distributed Computing. April 1998.
  • Jacobson, I. 1994. Object-Oriented Software Engineering: A Use Case Driven Approach. Addison-Wesley.
  • McCauley, M. J. OTMs: An Enabling Platform for Component-based Enterprise Computing.
  • Rumbaugh, J., Blaha, M., Premerlani, W., Eddy, F., and Loresen, W. 1991. Object-Oriented Modeling and Design. Prentice Hall.
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Transaction Processing

  • Andrade, J., Carges, M., Dwyer, T., and Felts, S. 1996. The TUXEDO System. Addison Wesley. This well-written guide is meaty enough for programmers—there’s even real coding examples—but clear enough to serve as an in-depth tutorial if you are merely computer literate.
  • Bernstein, P., and Newcomer, E. 1997. The Principles of Transaction Processing. Morgan Kaufmann. This book provides a good overview of TP monitors and their underlying technology.
  • Edwards, J., and DeVoe, D. 1997. 3-Tier Client/Server At Work. Wiley. This book introduces you to 3-Tier computing. More importantly, it is one of the few case study books on the market. It describes the architecture and projects behind eight large, in-production client/server applications.
  • Gray, J., and Reuter, A. 1993. Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques. Morgan Kaufmann. This book is the Bible of transaction processing.
  • Homan, P. Transaction Processing Technology - Production Proven for Mission-Critical Enterprises.
  • Orfali, R., Harkey, D., and Edwards, J. 1996. The Essential Client/Server Survival Guide. Second Edition (Wiley). This gentle introduction covers all of client/server—from the NOS to TP Monitors, ORBs, and the Internet.
  • "The Impact of Object Technology on Commercial Transaction Processing," The VLDB Journal(February, 1998) by Edward Cobb explains how objects meet transaction processing requirements.