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BEA Tuxedo Release 7.1

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The BEA Tuxedo system is the most widely deployed e-commerce transactions platform for building high-performance, mission-critical, and reliable distributed applications. It provides the industry leading e-commerce transactions framework for building scalable 3-tier client-server applications in heterogeneous, distributed environments. Using the BEA Tuxedo system, you can successfully develop, manage, and deploy transactional applications independently of the underlying communications, hardware, and database environment.



Explains how to install and configure the BEA Tuxedo system, including the Jolt component. Also provides details about specific platforms, such as Windows NT.

Getting Started

Provides an introduction to the BEA Tuxedo system, tutorials for developing and using BEA Tuxedo system applications, and white papers by BEA Tuxedo experts.


Describes how to administer and configure the BEA Tuxedo system for optimal performance.


Describes how to develop custom applications with the BEA Tuxedo system, and provides detailed sample applications.


Provides platform-specific information, such as Windows NT.

Jolt Component (BEA Jolt Release 1.2.1)

Learn about the Java-based, Jolt server interface to the BEA Tuxedo system. This version of the Jolt server enables you to easily make your BEA Tuxedo 7.1 services available to customers on the Internet via a Web application server.
If you want to use BEA WebLogic Server release 5.1 to Web enable your underlying BEA Tuxedo 7.1 services, see the Jolt for WebLogic Server User's Guide. This document describes how to configure the BEA Jolt 1.2 client on BEA WebLogic Server 5.1 to access BEA Tuxedo 7.1 services.


The "encyclopedia" of the BEA Tuxedo system. Provides succinct descriptions and usage instructions for commands, functions, tables, and files used by programmers and administrators of BEA Tuxedo applications.


Provides descriptions of all BEA Tuxedo System messages, and suggestions for appropriate actions.


What are the Components?

Understand each of the BEA Tuxedo system components and their functions.


What's New?

Learn about what's new including:

Security for E-commerce

Read about the new plug-in architecture that allows installation of third-party security systems. Describes the new security capabilities including digital signature and data encryption based on the public-private key technology.

Multithreading and Multicontexting

Understand how to program the BEA Tuxedo system using multithreading and multicontexting.

EFML Support

Learn about the new embedded FML capability.

XML Buffer Support

Systematic support for intelligent transport of XML formatted application data, including data-dependent routing based on XML document content.

IPC Tool

Understand how to clean up IPC resources.

TOP END Domain Gateway

Learn about the new TOP END Domain Gateway.


Read about the enhancements including /Q component, Domains MIB, and other enhancements.

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