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Search for topics in the BEA Tuxedo online documentation.

Search Tips

  • Select the type of documents you want to search by using the "Search in:" pull-down menu.
  • Click inside the Query input box, and enter one or more keywords. Then click the Find button, or press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • Do not use "quotes" around keywords.
  • You can use an expression like connection pooling to find only those pages containing both words. The "AND" Boolean expression is used by default.
  • You can use an expression like connection OR pooling to find pages containing either keyword.
  • You can also use parentheses in Boolean expressions. For example, you can enter (framework and IDL) OR Bankapp.
  • You can use the asterisk (*) as a suffix wildcard character in keywords. For example, enter program* to find pages with keywords such as programs, programmer, and programming.
  • If no matches are found, reword your query and try again.
  • If matches are listed, double-click a matched entry.
  • The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in some browser versions may be incompatible with the classes used in the search applet. See the BEA Tuxedo Release Notes for details about known JVM patches from the browser vendors.
  • Note for Microsoft Internet Explorer users: There is a bug in the Microsoft JVM, which affects applets and may affect the performance of this search. Microsoft has issued a patch. A software bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 can affect applets, including this documentation search applet. This is a known Microsoft problem and there is a Microsoft patch available. This same bug might affect late builds of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x browser. To run the search applet from a web site in Internet Explorer 5.0 you need Microsoft's latest Java Build. The Microsoft Java update can be downloaded from: This is not a problem for local CD searches.
  • On some UNIX platforms, you may encounter a browser error similar to the following:
    Unable to start a java applet: Can't find 'java40.jar' in your CLASSPATH. Read the release notes and install 'java40.jar' properly before restarting.

    If the search applet does not work on your UNIX platform, try using the latest Netscape browser for the platform and add the Netscape Java Archive (JAR) file to your CLASSPATH environment variable. The path to the JAR file is in the directory in which you installed Netscape. For example:
    After you revise the CLASSPATH, exit Netscape and then restart Netscape in the updated environment. When you access the search page, the search feature should work properly.